KGOW-AM 1560 offers a variety of broadcast and Web advertising solutions designed to reach your target market in the Greater-Houston Area. Commercials and sponsorships are available, and our interactive division can assist with the creation and placement of banner, content sponsorship, streaming commercials, and audio/video pre-roll marketing on our Website.

For further information, please contact one of the following individuals.

Serious Business Leaders of Yahoo! Sports Radio 1560 AM:

Fearless Leader, CEO, and Dean of Sales:  David Gow
[email protected]

Program Czar:  Craig Larson
[email protected]

New Media & Digital Sales Queen:  Gina Messick
[email protected]

Web Content Genius:  Brandon Strange
[email protected]

Mixmaster of Promotions:  Michelle McDonald
[email protected]

Marketing Smart Guy:  Todd Farquharson
[email protected]

Or just call us:  (713) 479-5300


John Granato
[email protected]
Twitter: @JohnGranato

Sean Pendergast
[email protected]
Twitter: @Seancablinasian

Travis Rogers
[email protected]
Twitter: @travisrodgers

David Nuño
[email protected]
Twitter: @davidnuno

John Harris
[email protected]
Twitter: @jharrisfootball

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