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Listen and Learn - The Best Educational Podcasts in 2020

If there’s something worth wondering or learning about, a podcast it is sure to be there. We mean it could be anything from love for cars to our meow cat friends. It might be an instrument you like to play or a topic like ghosts that spook you out. Chances are there’s a podcast dedicated to it. Knowing more can often turn out to be real hard work, but podcasts make things easy for you. Podcasts are a great way to learn new things. It also allows you to update yourself with present knowledge on a topic that fascinates you. If you find yourself out of time due to your homework load, you should visit and hire them. The best part of these educational podcasts is that it all is presented in a format we all like! The following three podcasts are sure to help you learn:

Hardcore History

As per many dedicated listeners, this is the best educational podcast around. It would be an understatement to call the series podcasts. In fact, each episode is better described as an audiobook. You expect this kind of production value and research quality from only a history book. That, however, means the content is often 5 hours long. But it’s an engaging and interesting 5 hours.
Carlin is able to arouse interest on almost any topic thanks to his delivery. The sheer passion and variety he introduces in his delivery make history come alive. Add to that Carlin's ability to pick historical events that fascinate people the most. The subjects of past podcasts include topics like the Mongol Empire and WWII. It also explores exciting history moments like the Cuban Missile Crisis. Topics that never fail to interest and fascinate us.
There's a good reason behind the top slot occupied by this podcast. If you are new to the exciting world of podcasts, this should be there in your feed. However, the length and quality of the podcasts mean that new episodes appear over several months. But it sure is worth the wait!

Stuff You Should Know

This is one podcast that has been here like for a very, very long time. This decade-old podcast still remains a perennial favorite. One interesting thing about educational products is that its scope includes everything. And I mean everything. The show hosts aren’t experts, nobody is, at everything. But the good thing is they don’t pretend to be. The show has its share of blunders too. But the vast range of topics makes the podcast worth listening to. The show is particularly suited for easy listening. It resembles a conversation between friends, not always factual but entertaining!

TED Talks

TED talks are for many people who look for inspiration. The education podcasts of TED are exceptionally successful at firing up your thinking energy. The talk often features some of the brightest minds you are likely to find out there. Another great thing about TED talks is that they are loved by everyone. The show is hosted by Manoush Zomorodi, and they explore some of the more profound questions of our time. The greatest thinkers of our current age share their opinion on these topics in the show. Hearing the show will make you more aware of our world, community and us as well!